Company Profile

Established in 2000, Emotive Design Associates Pte Ltd is the brain child of passion-minded individuals who share the same goal of bringing complex designs to a more creative, economical, and efficient approach. The team is composed of seasoned over-achievers that strive to satisfy client requirements. Since then, the company has progressed to become one of Singapore’s top full service exhibitions and events design studio.
In-depth understanding of clients’ business needs, providing them with effective designs, and on-time delivery are the core values that lay the foundation of Emotive Designs’ enviable reputation. Emphasis on creativity, reliability, accountability, and integrity with its client-centric attention to detail sets Emotive apart from the competition.
Since its establishment, Emotive Designs has successfully completed a wide range of projects from different industries that call for exploration and experimentation. Visitor experience turns into memorable encounters. This in turn makes the visitors curious and engaging them intellectually and emotionally. Thus the name Emotive Designs.
Events Company Partnership
Emotive Designs joins hand-in-hand with event management companies to be able to bring a successful event to life. Partnering with Emotive Designs makes sure that the visitors will have an interactive and enhanced visual experience. Some of the events that the company takes active participation in are:
Exhibitions | Road Shows | Product Launches | Expositions | Promotions | and many others
Overseas Affiliates
Having grown to a customer-centered full service exhibitions and events design company, Emotive Designs has had many clients outside Singapore. To cater to the expanding number of international clients, it has partners on the following regions:
Asia Pacific | Europe | Middle East